Ave Molech Hits Online Stores

It has definitely taken quite some time (5 months) but we've finally been given the notice that Ave Molech Second Edition has hit the online stores in both the US Europe. For a list of online retailers carrying the publication, you can click here to view the growing list. We've also submitted the full pdf to Amazon's "Search Inside" program which will hopefully begin the process of populating the cover image to other sites sometime next week.

New & Upcoming Projects

Well here is one of the new projects I have in the works, all about the pills that make us smaller and larger, although technically it's a lot more than pills, pretty much anything you can stick in your mouth and swallow...be it cake, pebbles turned into cakes, random vials of liquid or just a handful of mushroom stalk can all make for an interesting time. As for journals, yes we do plan on releasing a Volume 5 one soon.

Writer Submissions

We are still looking for writers for our Journal Series as well as any Ave Molech based pieces. If anyone is interested in helping out with Alice Wonderland or DijiniTech as well you can email me with any questions of visit our writer's page.

Thank You!

A big thanks to all of the people and customers who have helped this project over the last two years. We've come a long way since October 2006 and hopefully things will continue to go well from here on out. Thanks again for all your support.

Emailing List

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Ave Molech - Second Edition

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Cover Artwork by:
Brom - Front
Aimee Peppers - Back
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Interior Artwork by:
Kim Feigenbaum
Aimee Peppers
Octavirate Entertainment
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