About Morbidgames

Morbidgames publishes the d20 fantasy role playing game Ave Molech. It includes Steampunk elements in it’s post-apocalyptic medieval high magic setting.

Morbidgames began in Summer of 2002 when a PC game called Neverwinter Nights from Bioware was release. Morbidgames began creating small modules and dungeons with the games toolset within a world Michael G. Hurston had began creating in his earlier years. A few years later while DM’ing weekly sessions with his friends Michael and Joe Bond began to combine and rewrite a lot of the material Michael had scattered throughout his room. Soon after combining and reworking all his notes, it became apparent that others might enjoy the world setting and style of play used. Therefore in 2005 began the process of writing, editing, burning and rewriting a coherent world setting. In October of 2006 Morbidgames officially became a business entity and decided to list their products exclusively through RPGNow.com.

In 2007 Morbidgames released Journals Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and began work on the rewrite and combining of what would become Ave Molech Second Edition. Unfortunately life’s unexpected occurrences came up and Michael was diagnosed with testicular cancer (seminoma) after recovering from the surgery, spending three weeks in radiation therapy, continual blood tests every three months, having a job relocate him from CA to NV…things slowed down a bit. But then, after a long period of rest and recovery, Michael finished and released Journal Volume 4 and the Ave Molech Second Edition.

Over the last several years we have seen a drop in the table top gaming industry. With the closure of sites such as RPGBomb, Your Games Now among others over the years we’ve decided it’s no longer feasible to continue to produce and promote new material at this time. We are keeping the site in an automated mode and will direct users to places to purchase our products, but we will be removing some of our products. If things change in the future, you will read about it here.