Trying something new

I’ve been considering converting the Morbidgames site to a more blogish type of setup. While this would make updates easier for when I am out of town, I don’t know if it’d actually be able to accomplish everything I want it too. In any case I’ll be working on adding the entirety of morbidgames to this here wordpress app throughout the weekend and see if I like it after all is said and done.

Let me know if anything is broken, I’m testing a lot of stuff out right now, but I’ve been looking at the same code and website for over 4 hours now and I’m pretty certain I’m going to miss something.

4 replies on “Trying something new”

  1. If anyone would like me to create for them an account so that I do not need to approve comments for them just let me know.

  2. Andy on

    Wow, I like it ! Much more RPG-ey. But I see Times New Roman at the top…that must be addressed,

  3. StarDate0065 on

    Greetings! Dig your site. It has a good feel to it, easy on the eyes and easy to maneuver around. Like the news and updates.

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