Site Makeover and New Partners

Morbidgames has redone it’s website with a complete makeover. Using a wordpress format will now allow our visitors to leave comments directly on our news posts as well search archived news. We also tried to use a new look that would more closely associate itself with the game world. Our store fronts have also been updated and you will now find direct links to our partner sites below.

Morbidgames is moving along and picking up speed with their Ave Molech series of books. Barnes and Noble has decided to carry the Campaign Setting now as well as Amazon is still shipping out copies, with a sales rank that peaked at 185,000 last week. In addition to print sales, Morbidgames has broken their exclusivity agreement with OneBookShelf (RPGNow & DriveThru) and has teamed up with YourGamesNow who will carry it’s entire PDF line.

Check out our Pages area to the right side of your screen to navigate through the sites information, as well as take a look at some of the people we’ve worked with in the past in the links section.

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