Why do you read fantasy?

I saw a post on Amazon’s fantasy discussion that I didn’t really think about till later on. The question was “Why do you read fantasy?” So I thought to myself…why do I enjoy reading fantasy books and playing role playing games?

I’m an oddity I suppose. I spent a lot of my youth reading Dragonlance Novels and playing pen and paper or card games, yet now I hardly ever read any fantasy novel. Although I still am a nerd and play role-playing games, the last book I just finished was I Am America, And So Can You! From Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report (the spinoff of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)

As far as my draw to fantasy I’d have to agree with the escape clause. My real life consists of working in a dead corporate environment where repetition reigns supreme and my dog pees on the carpet still. Life would be much more beneficial if my work was actually meaningful or my dog could go grocery shopping. That aside, I’ve just always found the idea of magic as well as advanced technology fascinating and enjoyable.

I suppose that is why I enjoy playing games and writing for the Steampunk genre, since I can get my fix from almost any setting and then add in magical and/or technological components as much as I desire.

So what about you?”

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  1. I suppose one reason I am drawn to fantasy / science fiction because it was introduced to me at a very young age in the form of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. However, as you may know, they were not the sweet, politically correct stories of today. Oh no. These tales thought some laced with morals, were dark, violent and full of supernatural events showing the reader/hearer a cruel side of civilized humanity.
    From Grimms’ it was an easy leap for me to science fiction which seemed a more sterile environment with intelligent characters, intricate devices and a whole galaxy of worlds to explore. Sci-Fi is still my favorite because anything is possible when one is not confined to earth.
    For me, living in real life can at times be dull, difficult or both. But seeing other beings going through a life & death situations as a matter of course makes my day-to-day more enjoyable somehow. Like after reading of tragedies or heroism beyond what I would think I would be capable of, makes me sigh with relief that my day-to-day trials are indeed bearable. Nothing helps me to sleep or get through a rough day at the office like getting into an exciting story in another world/time. Just like a bed time fairy tale.

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