Trials & Tribulations

Life seems to always be one full of adventure for me…In the last three weeks I’ve had to take my car into the shop twice which cost me just over $1,100 to get fixed. Then I had the motor on my pool filter break and because of the way it burned out I ended up having to replace the whole unit, $972. For more fun I then got an email from my property management company letting me know that the Central Air unit in my condo back in CA is leaking from the vents meaning that my HOA now needs to get involved as well since the water damage could spread to other neighboring units. Couple this with other financial problems I’ve had recently, the current state of the real estate market (the industry I work in), the problems at work we have (Commercial Real Estate work not Morbidgames), not to mention it is summer and a slow season for RPG’s – I’m starting to get a bit concerned for what will happen next.

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