Need to get away, Ave Molech & Alice Updates

I’ll be getting away this weekend I’ve decided. Heading up to Utah to do some writing in the outdoors – hopefully I don’t burst into flames when I cross the state line…When I get back I hope to have a lot of work done on Sharess & Talon.

In other news, I just printed out a ton of flyers that will be hitting the CSN and UNLV campuses sometime next week. So be on the lookout for me if you attend either of these places.

Also, I’ve had some inquiries into our Alice Project, and I will say it is NOT cancelled, I just sill haven’t felt that the writings I’ve done on it are right. I blame this on my pre-occupation with Ave Molech. I’m pretty sure that unless something changes Sharess & Talon is going to be just a longer book than I had planned and just one instead of three. Also it will feature some more game stuff as well, so instead of just a fiction book it will be more of an expansion.

As far as site updates go I noticed that we’ve had a slight increase in traffic, but I’m seeing a lot of spam messages trying to be posted…so unfortunately I think it’s mostly due to bots.

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