New Updates – October Deadline – GSL

Moving forward with the extinction of the d20 license we will be removing the d20 logos and language from our products in accordance with WoTC instructions. I have updated the free PDF’s available from our site just minutes ago, and will begin work on our for sale products over the next couple weeks. We plan to have the new files up at all of our vendors before October 1st, 2008. No other changes will be made to the products at this time.

As for our print product, we have until December 2008 to update the distribution channels or discontinue the products print availability. In all honesty, unless something changes our print sales have been so low that at this point it wouldn’t make sense to pay the fees associated with updating the print product at places like B&N, Amazon, etc and we may just discontinue print, however, the products will still be available from places like Lulu.

In the past I have mentioned my dislike for the GSL, and have thrown my support in with many other indie publishers in not adopting the GSL, hence no 4th edition compatible Ave Molech. That said, since the game is more d20 Modern based it shouldn’t really matter to our audience. However, we have been asked about it enough that I am considering making some 4th edition campaigns set in the world of Ave Molech. More on this as I have time.

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