Morbidgames Releases Lore: Sharess & Talon

62 Pages – Available Now from YGN and e23, Available October 1st from RPGNow and DrivethruRPG.

The first chapter is available online at RPGBomb Remember you can also receive Journals Volumes 1 through 5 for FREE and the Ave Molech Campaign Setting for only $5 when you sign up with RPGBomb

Lore: Sharess & Talon is a short story that bridges the gap between the world where everyone was living in fear of the Hybrude and the world of Ave Molech, as it exists now within the game. This story focuses primarily on the instrumental figures that would later become prominent individuals within the organizations of the Followers of Sharess and the Followers of Talon. In addition, we also learn exactly how the majority of Storms became closed and how life was able to return to the surface.

While the book can be read without having extensive knowledge of the world of Ave Molech, it does assume some familiarity with the campaign setting. Key words of places, beings and technology are used, though the average reader may be able to grasp their meaning or influence. Therefore, it is recommended that the reader be familiar with the setting and tone of Ave Molech prior to reading this book.

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  1. StarDate0065 on

    Hello, Just checking in. Congratulations on today’s the release of Lore: Sharess & Talon through YGN & e23.
    Have a great day!

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