Back from the Bay Area

Well I’m back from CA in short. Had a great time visiting friends and family as well as I managed to work a little bit on Alice Wonderland. Though I think my current situations are imposing upon what had been a jovial ideal and now out is coming a dark sinister story I don’t know what to do with. I guess I’ll just have to continue on and see where my hands and thoughts lead.

In other personal news, I restarted my World of Make-believe account and my Blood Elf Paladin, Moistmuffin, has taken on the duty of supporting her guild mates once again. Ahoy fellow Horde and members of Robot Kitten Happy Train on Tichondrius.

As for Morbidgames, well we’ll probably be doing somewhat of a state of the industry report as well as include a bit more about the entity that is MORBIDGAMES and what other fellow would-be publishers may expect when/if they join this fray.

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