The Good, The Bad & The Economy

First things first, the good news was that in 2008 MORBIDGAMES had a total of 700 new faces partaking of this world, Ave Molech. This is something I am very excited about as it’s 7 times the amount of downloads we had in 2007. I think a lot of this was due to my attempts at trying to keep up with the various gaming communities at RPGBomb, RPGLife (formerly RPGNews, etc.) and RPGNet. Who all have many people I hope to work with or have been very supportive in my endeavors. It also helped that instead of just having the PDF available at OBS I was able to expand out to YGN and E23. While the actual print sales were very quiet (there were 12 sold), having the book available in paperback via Amazon and Barnes & Nobles was a feat that if nothing else was a good learning experience. And, while I can’t trace any significant traffic or purchases back to them, the social sites, such as Myspace, Friendster, Facebook among others seemed to at least trickle in new people almost every time I put up a bulletin or syndicated my blog everyday. Sadly, I was unable to make it to GenCon as well as ComicCon this year, and it’s looking like 2009 I will not be able to either.

Now for the bad part, I haven’t been able to get any work done on Alice, nor have I been able to spend as much time this past couple months on Ave Molech and the social outlets I have in place. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here though, I’m not going anywhere yet at least. Unfortunately though, due to my day job demanding more of my time and cutting back on my pay, I’ve been forced to look for a second job. Since the market right now sucks, that hasn’t been easy for me, and I have started doing some few odd jobs here and there for whatever people will pay me. This looking and working requires a lot of my time and since I have a house, wife and pets I need to take care of it also requires me to make more than what I can right now from MORBIDGAMES. Obviously, I do want to expand the world and have others like Alice Wonderland, but I also need to take care of my family. While I believe that one day, perhaps even by next year if MORBIDGAMES can grow another 7 times the amount of downloader’s, then I won’t have to work so hard and can focus more on these little stories, but until then I got to do what I got to do.

That said there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If things pick up again at my work, or I can find something more steady either here in Vegas or in San Jose, I should have enough half written thoughts to start coming up with new and better material quickly. In addition, I also was able to finish my online store setup, however it’s still being tested and if the tests go well these next weeks then I’ll just flip the link on and people will be able to buy PDF’s direct from me (print books will need to wait until a later time). Also it should be mentioned that I have continued to update my business plan and am seeking financing to be able to do this full-time. So far this hasn’t gone well for me, not surprisingly, banks just don’t want to give out loans to anyone right now. So it’s going to be tough, but I’ll continue to update as much as I can and maybe in this brief down time, I’ll clean up the Feats, Spells & Psionics and Occupations & Classes PDF’s I’ve had collecting dust on this site since I started and get polished ones released soon.

Finally, thank you all for your continued support and for making 2008 the best year ever for MORBIDGAMES.

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