New Rules – Alice isn’t a d20 game

So on a whim that ended up taking me the better part of the evening, I ended up throwing out (figuratively) my d20 modern and 4th edition cheat sheets and stripping Alice down to her nickers. I felt that this story which leads to a game which is story driven should be, well, all about the story and the events of the characters. It’s been a long time coming with me, but I’ve always had a love hate relationship with dice – the need to have so many, though having so many is cool, but its the need that bugs me. So what the hell am I babbling on about?

I’m making my own set of rules for Alice. I’m designing the actual game play to be simple and fast paced so that players can focus on playing and GM’s can focus on story telling. That said I’ll give you a brief run down of what I came up with, though I won’t go into specifics yet and I’m going to be very vague.

Each character’s stats and abilities are represented by a character wheel. There are 5 character stats, 3 of which are “primary” meaning they affect many of the various actions a character can do. Characters can focus on a particular primary stat which will give them bonuses related to situations or abilities requiring that stat.

Character Death – death doesn’t always keep a good player down, and there are some fortunate and unfortunate things that may happen when another one bites the dust.

Currency – I’m implementing a barter/coin system – this won’t make sense till you read the whole section.

Combat and all rolls only require the use of a single D10, everything can be done with just that. The only thing that uses different dice are specific tools/weapons, though it’s possible to only give items to players that use a D10.

Gains and Falls – think of these as like fallout perks had a baby with my heritage traits.

Abilities – chosen from lists that pertain to a characters primary stat, though vanilla ones exist as well.

I’m pretty happy with what came about yesterday with all this and I know some of you are probably wondering “WTF is that!” but trust me, once you skim through the final you’ll make a sound that goes something like “oh, that’s cool, I like that.”

Edit: Also I should add, less anyone think this is just going to be some game and not have a story to go with it, I’m aiming to do even more with stories than I did with Ave Molech, and anyone who has looked at those books knows I like my stories.

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  1. I like what you are putting down so far. Really want to see the rough draft. The more I think on it, the more I want to do my own Alice in Wonderfland spin as well. Thanks for being inspiring.

  2. Looking forward to this. Makes me want to do my own take on Alice in fact

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