Updates on Ave Molech, Alice and Galthor.com

Haven’t really had much chance to work on Alice again, work and home has been keeping me pretty busy. But I do have some notes for Journal VI – I have no idea when I’ll finish that. It also may be done in a slightly different format from my previous ones. Before they would go in the order of Short Story -> Descriptions and Plot Ideas of Places, People and Events in story -> Equipment list and/or Map. This time I think it’s turning into a collection of plot/campaign ideas as well as typical equipment and maps, the different part is there won’t be one short story, just story ideas more than anything.

So that said, I also wanted to mention that at some point in the future, the Galthor.com domain that directs here, will be redirected to it’s own site, still technically part of MORBIDGAMES, but it will serve as the non-fiction stories area, debuting Gabriel Phillips’ Average Life, which has no specified time for it to be done, other than “when it’s done”. So make sure you update your bookmarks. And as a side note, you may also have noticed that the domain Morbidnews.com points to our Forums, I’ve done this to try and breath some life into them again.

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