MORBIDGAMES seeks talented writers for new book

MORBIDGAMES is looking for writers of all backgrounds to contribute to Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos, the second book in the Lore Series due out this summer.

Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos is a compilation of extended backgrounds on the races, organizations, classes, places, and characters in the world of Ave Molech. It will also feature additional campaign ideas and possibly some fan fiction.

Not only is this a great opportunity for fledgling writers to get their work out in the public and start to build their writing portfolios, but it’s a way for some of the more seasoned writers who enjoy the world of Ave Molech to help expand on one of their favorite games.

Guidelines for submissions:

  • Submissions are open to first timers, amateurs and professional writers alike
  • Items must be submitted before April 30th, 2009
  • Multiple submissions are fine, though MORBIDGAMES reserves the right to exclude any it feels do not fit the setting
  • Please keep multiple submissions within their own document, do not send one document with multiple submissions in it
  • Submissions should be between 500 and 1,000 words
  • Please submit items in RTF or Word format with either Times New Roman or Arial font with a size between 10pt and 12pt
  • The submissions can be any maturity level, though please mark mature items as “Mature” in your email or document – we will have two finished Lore books a censored one and an uncensored one
  • By sending us your submission you agree to allow MORBIDGAMES the rights to reproduce and distribute your writing within the book Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos, all other rights are retained by the writer and you are allowed to submit your work to other publications.
  • All submissions will be responded too, though not all will be chosen
  • Send submissions to

Writers will receive a copy of the PDF’s produced as well as additional Ave Molech items for free.

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