Ave Molech Lore Update

As of today I have received most of the writings from the guest authors for this book, and only a couple of the larger items are still coming in by next week. In a couple weeks I’ll be back in the bay area for my wife’s b-day, but when I return I’ll more than likely start putting the book together as well as pulling and editing all of the writings sent in and accepted.

One of the projects I have, that I plan to focus on this weekend, is the “breaking up” of Ave Molech’s campaign book into small bite sized pieces. Essentially, for those people who do not prefer long PDFs, they will be able to purchase and print out the sections that would be useful to them. For example, we’ll have a break out of the The World Setting with Races and Lands, a GM items and Organizations/Important People piece – each one will lack the covers, some artwork and maps and be prepped for black and white printing and ideally be around 20ish pages. In addition, they will also be available at a reduced price, allowing for people who are not familiar with the world to try it out, without having to commit to 176 pages.

I should have the initial draft complete sometime in May.

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