Updates…Lore, Alice, Etc.

So this week I’ve been focusing a lot on last minute additions and changes to the Links for Life Charity Golf Tournament I have been designing stuff for. The deadline for all this was two weeks ago…but anyone who has worked for a charity before knows how last minute everyone involved in these things can get. So needless to say Lore has been getting ignored as well as Alice.

But maybe that isn’t such a bad thing…Lore was supposed to have 5 writers in it, yet even now I still only have 3 people who have submitted what they said they would and two others I’m still waiting on, supposedly. In similar news there are three others who have voiced interest in possibly coming up with something as well over the weekend, but they wouldn’t be able to have anything soon, so I’m thinking if anything comes of that it’d be released in a different supplement.

Alice. Alice is being ignored with all of the other things going on and as much as I’d like to finish this sooner than later, it’s just not going to happen unless something dramatically changes.

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