Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos (update)

It’s been a while, but I finally just printed out the first initial draft for the book. It’s 60 pages after my initial chopping with no artwork so far. I may only add artwork to the section covers, or I may end up splitting the book into two parts and just do one inside title cover page for both. I’m not sure yet. I also haven’t include any of the stuff I had been working on, primarily because I don’t want this book to be too long, but at the same time I may end up including at least a couple items. All in all I’m really happy with what has come in and I’m excited for the book. To give you a taste of what is in the book I feel I can go ahead and list the table of contents so far which may change before the actual release as I include or exclude content for later.

Rob Manning – Campaign Ideas, NPCs & Monsters

  • Maggach
  • Citizens of the World
  • What Kind of Shop
  • Monsters of Legend

Nik Harper – Untold Creatures & Stories of Ave Molech

  • Mudfolk
  • Vintner
  • A Faire to Remember

Jared Cunningham – Campaign Ideas, NPCs, Items, Monsters & an Untold story of Ave Molech

  • Items, Monsters, Places & People
  • Adventures in Gobo Sitting

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