Messing around with Alice

So I had done this a while ago, but I don’t think I ever put it up on here. You may have seen the cover thumb, this is the inside layout I am thinking of using. Note the text inside is just there for filler purposes so I can see how things will look once I have something worth putting in there. Alice Wonderland Layout

Also I have been contemplating changing up the cover and inside artwork to include…live action photoshopped work..ya I know, I have bitched about how I don’t like that stuff before, such as the photos used in the Book of Erotic Fantasy – which I still hate most of…but I think for this book, something similar, might serve a purpose…also…it’d give me a chance to try out something new.

At some point I may be looking for models for this…I’ll keep you all posted. I haven’t actually made up my mind on this yet.

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