Happy Summer All

Well it has been over 100 for several days now here in Vegas and the people walking around are only half way clothed. Summer is officially here! With this season of heat and sweat, we typically see a drop in the activity from both the RPG side of things as well as my day job in the CRE industry, so hopefully this will allow for some time with my thoughts and writing, in between the drunken adventures that will ensue I’m sure. To help me focus though, I figure I will write out some goals for myself that I may or may not follow over the next couple months.

Summer Goals

  1. Increase Morbidgames Affiliate Sales – This has been something I’ve never focused on, and while our sales have remained consistent I feel we could benefit from pushing the Affiliate side of things and helping out many of the other publishers out there as well. I’ve started on this by auto-feeding every 6 hours a new product from the RPGNow as well as Drive Thru Fantasy on my Twitter (should start later tonight). I’ve also redone some of the links on this site to include our affiliate link and any posts from here on out will include these ID’s. What I’d really like to do though, which I think would also help out other publishers would be to have more frequent updates on my blog or Twitter about other products I like or recommend. If you’re a publisher and would like me to review and comment on your products, please let me know, though I currently have a few in my mind.
  2. Finish up with Alice. This has been a constant struggle and I really am hesitant to even continue the project now that Tim Burton is doing an Alice movie, but I really do want to do something with this world with a good read and a fast play type of game session. Something will come out of this chaos of ideas I have on my desk.
  3. Increase Morbidgames Exposure. Having a page on every social and bookmarking site out there may generate a fair amount of traffic, but I’d really like to see a lot of people out in the real world talking about my games. I don’t know how exactly I may do this, but one idea I have is to start visiting the local book stores in Vegas again and pitching the core book, perhaps they could at least carry my sales flyers or a product catalog.

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