Adventures in Michael Land

Just wanted to give an update on all things Me and Morbidgames related. I’ve recently been kept busy with some side projects, mostly NCLC Inc and Braintunes, though I did just complete another article for LVCRENews. Both of which have been mostly completed, just general facilitation stuff now. I’ve also started playing around with Ping.FM as I hope to stay in more constant contact with more than just the fans of Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also notice that our social site list has grown some as well.

On the online game design front I’ve received a quote of $25k starting for development of a flash based mmo of sorts, with other companies either not interested or ignoring me. So more than likely this idea will be placed on the back burner for now.

Writing, Reading and Arithmetic – I just finished reading the final Bone book Crown of Horns (Bone, Vol. 9) I can’t believe he started these about 10 years ago or so, which is about when I started reading them too. I’ve had some time for Alice, but the focus is still lost and what should have been the start of the RPG is quickly turning into another Ave Molech supplement.

The day job, yeah, that’s still there and commercial real estate isn’t changing its sorry tune anytime soon.

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