Morbidgames Publishing seeks new authors

Morbidgames publishing is looking for new and upcoming writers who want to have their stories told. We are currently accepting writings on the following topics: steampunk, urban fiction, science fiction, fantasy fiction, dark/epic/goth writings.

As a PDF publisher your stories can be either short or long and will be available at all of our PDF distribution outlets, including OBS Network, YGN, E23, Paizo, RPGBomb and our Emporium.

We’ll also promote your work through our social media outlets on Twitter*, Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Digg and Delicious. In addition, your book will also be listed in our product press releases and email blasts.

*Twitter: We currently promote our works on various accounts, our owners account, our Emporium account as well as it will be promoted on the OBS Networks accounts as well.

See our submissions page for additional information

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