Slingin’ San Jose

I’ve recently been hired as the Online Content Producer for Team San Jose who is currently working on the revamping their website, As part of my responsibilities I have been asked to see what level of interest the online community has with allowing for the inclusion of syndicated bay area blog content and general user generated content, such as the uploading of photos by site visitors and the submission of venue reviews.

Keeping in mind our ultimate goal is to generate an online community that responds to events that happen within the city of San Jose and create an accurate picture of the city. To better help others facilitate this, what features would you find most desirable to have offered from our site?

An additional inquiry I’d appreciate feedback on is how you view the city of San Jose as a destination, and not just another city on the map. Many people consider San Jose to be the heart of Silicon Valley with its history with companies such as IBM, however, how do you feel towards San Jose as a place of tourism and fun? While its location allows for a plethora of adventures 30 to 90 minutes in any direction, what venues, services and hot spots, that are not business related, bring you to San Jose? If business has been your only interest within the city, what places have you considered to be the most favorable and the least enjoyable?

Thanks for taking the time to respond, and feel free to forward this out to any of your friends or colleagues whom you believe would be interested in this project.


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