iPad Screenshots of our books

Today I took a look at our books on the iPad and snagged some screenshots of what our books looked like. As you can see from the full color page iPad screenshots detailed below, tables and text come out fine. The backgrounds do seem to act a little funny at times, but every one of our books includes a Black and White version without backgrounds.

TLDR: The iPad displays all of Morbidgames Publishing’s books just fine.

Note: these were taken from the following books/pages

Ave Molech (2nd Ed.) pages: 51, 53, 55, 82
Lore Forgotten Mythos pages: 4, 33
Journals Volume 5 pages: 6, 7

Update FAQ:

  • Q: Why didn’t you show screenshots of more books?
    A: Because there wasn’t a need too. The issue with iPads and most eBook readers is that they have trouble displaying complex tables, such as the ones found in Role Playing Game books like Ave Molech. These tables are graphics are created in InDesign and there is currently no good conversion for PDF to ePub or HTML format.
  • Q: But I’ve seen converters.
    A: Yes, there are converters out there. In short, they suck when it comes to pages that have multiple tables and graphics and text all formatted differently.
  • Q: Will you ever make a full ePub or HTML version of your books?
    A: I’d like to, but unfortunately I’m just one guy these days and don’t have the time to redo all my books in a format that isn’t necessary for the majority of people who read PDF books. Also, it’s more convenient for those of our users who print out our files for use with their players.

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