Talking to myself part 3

Before I get onto the next topics in my book I wanted to go back to the Major Players again.

Religion is something that has always fascinated me. While an Atheist and something I clearly try to promote in my work I felt that desire to play with deities much like I would any supernatural character. I can’t quite remember clearly where the inspiration came from, but I had this idea that Gods as a general rule of thumb must gain their power from the worship of people. If people don’t worship them, their power fades. Not so much to the point of death, but more like an eternal slumber.

With this in mind, I did want to have some “gods” in the world who would at least appear mortal, and for the most part I don’t think I gave it away in any of my books yet, but here they are: SPOILER ALERT (sort of)

The three heads of the Vaudevillian Guild and Eclias Onica I always imagined as former gods. Though no longer worshipped they still retain greater powers than any other magical wielder, and while ageless are by no means the ultimate powers in the world. As a result they live amongst their creations much like their creations.

Another topic I wanted to mention before in my last post, but forgot, was that I did want my stories to have gay characters, or rather bi-sexual characters. It’s another personal belief of mine I try to include in my writings, that all of us are bi-sexual to some degree, while many have a genetic design which drives them in one or the other direction, the act of sex itself, be it with whichever gender is pleasurable regardless of preference. To be completely blunt, getting my dick sucked by a guy feels just as good as getting my dick sucked by a girl, though I prefer to be with women.

This was partly what I tried to hint at with the Sec’Toda race and hermaphrodites. I again continue this theme with Sharess, and dragons in general being hermaphrodites, which in Lore: Sharess & Talon, Rendor has relations with both Sharess and Amari and thinks nothing of the contrast, short of the whole dragon thing. However, I didn’t really talk much about dragons being hermaphrodites in Ave Molech. In fact I didn’t I mention it at all, though it was a critical part to my original story and something I should have focused on more in the 2nd Edition. I had placed up the correction to their description on the Projects & Errata page on my blog, but how many people really read that?


While I give plenty of suggestions for classes I think could work in the lands of Ave Molech, I, as any creator would, wanted to have my own unique ones included. The Red & Black Hand initiates were fun to work with, though the last ones to add into the game. They came about when I was thinking of how to really be sneaky with killing my players with shapeshifters and the like, which ultimately required me to create a class to deal specifically with these types of threats. The whole yin and yang balance of things ya’ know.

The Dark hunter was my take on a ranger class and pretty straight forward in my opinion. As mentioned before some ideas stemmed from Final Fantasy, and my favorite characters in any game of the series were always the Lancer/Dragoon types. Because of this I wanted to pay homage to the series and so I tossed in my Dragonne class. The Bounty Hunter, while not a completely original class, was another one of my takes of this role.

The Dreamer and Fearasitic Mage were the two classes I actually created first and by far my two favorites. I originally had created the Fearasitic Mage as a way to stat out former God characters, but I really liked the utility of it. It could be considered a little overpowered compared to the other classes, but it takes a very long time of play before you get that power. For most characters it will take about fifteen levels of having their skills spread out and comparatively not as focused as their other team mates, but then they unlock this class and the next five levels, especially the last one, just make them crazy strong. I imagine it to be like the Magikarp in Pokemon, which doesn’t really do anything or have anything special about it, except that it evolves into Gyarados.

The Dreamer, while not included until I used it in Journal Volume 5 was me trying to include narcotics into the game, but also as a way of paying homage to an old favorite, but arguably not one of the best anime, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

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