Gearing up for Adventure!

Soon I will be taking a brief holiday – between the 9th through the 17th of October where I will hopefully be writing new material. I have lots of thoughts that I hope to get out in a viable format to share either as a blog series of posts or as another supplement.

To do this I’ll be spending a few days in the wilderness camping, followed by a few days in wine country and a perhaps a day or two at an aquarium where I can play with tentacle beasts.

In other news I’ve made some updates to the site – moved some of the content from the About page to individual pages, as apparently some people found it too hard to scroll down…just saying

Until then, thanks for swinging by and be sure to check out Ave Molech, our d20 Fantasy Role Playing Game with Steampunk Elements. It’s been a long adventure and are still actively looking at creating additional supplements for this campaign setting.

Or check our Gloria Weber’s Gaslight Demons – it’s starting to get cold out, you know you want to stay in with a good book, sipping some hot coco and imagining demons and magical creations in a Victorian-ish setting.

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