Riese Kingdom Sucking on Syfy

I was first dismayed, although not surprised, when I watched the first two episodes of Riese on Syfy. While I enjoy watching Amada Tapping, either in her previous role on Stargate or her current role in Sanctuary, she doesn’t have a good narration voice. There is a reason why people like Morgan Freeman get picked to narrate, because their voice sounds appealing and engaging; Amada Tapping doesn’t have this quality in her voice, regardless of the accent she uses.

However, I then stumbled upon a more informative internet place, which I found had the original shows, as in the non-Syfy remixed versions and actually found myself enjoying them. Similar to how Syfy butchered Firefly, the episodes they are airing aren’t actually all in order or complete. For example the first two episodes are actually the first three episodes merged together in a slightly different order with a part from a much later episode thrown in. There is no voice over, instead the show is fairly quiet, and similar to the director’s cut of Blade Runner, which ads a much more serious feeling.

Of course the budget is obviously a little lower than most, but that’s to be expected with most Syfy shows these. All in all I have to say congratulations Syfy; you’re ruining another potentially good show.

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