Rift, Steampunk and Beyond

I’m kind of surprised at myself for not posting about this on here sooner, but I have been playing Rift for the last couple months and enjoying it. For those of you interested in things fantasy-steampunk-influenced, I’d highly recommend playing as a Defiant, as they have the pseudo-technology as apposed to the magical-spiritual Guardian faction. Also, Defiant have clockwork horses, which is pure win!

Today I came across an interesting Steampunk releated article on Fantasy Magazine. It was actually from over a year ago, but it was interesting to see how once something becomes popular that almost immediately there is a group who then hate it, as if hating things that are popular somehow make them not part of some bandwagon either. That said, for those interested in costuming or just checking out some photos of cool steampunk gear, I highly recommend taking a look at Steampunk Couture.

Lately I’ve been struggling with the future, primarily what to do with Morbidgames. As PDF’s dwindle and dice games turn into MMO’s, I begin to consider the relevance of pen and paper games. In the interim I hope to continue to market great fiction and see where the wind blows.

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