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Upcoming Projects – None

Now that Ave Molech (Second Edition) has been released Michael will be focusing his attention on the first book of the Ave Molech Trilogy, which begins with the story of Sharess and Talon. This first book details the events leading up to the underground city of Hork being raised above the surface by the Fearasitic Mage Talon. We’re hoping for an early 2009 release date. Mike also plans on continuing the Journals Volumes.

Current Projects

These are our current Projects and free downloads section. We’ll place the drafts of upcoming products, outlines, and other items we’re currently working on or seeking feedback on.

  • Ave Molech Classes & Occupations – Available Now (see below)
  • Ave Molech Feat List – Available Now (see below)
  • Ave Molech Spells & Psionics – Available Now (see below)
  • Ave Molech Airships – Available Now (see below)

Current Downloads

Discontinued Projects

  • Ave’Molech Campaign Setting (original)
  • Ave’Molech Source Book

Ave Molech Errata (Second Edition)

Dragons Description: Should note that Dragons in Ave Molech tend to be hermaphrodites, when in humanoid form they are androgynous, but seductively attractive.

Some places throughout the book mentioned “Tierely” incorrectly as Tierily, as well as some sections mentioned the “Tempered Bank of Molech” as the Tempered Bank of Ave Molech. These were corrected in all print versions of the book, however the pdf versions from RPGNow have not been updated yet.. UPDATED: 071218

Ave’Molech Errata (Original – First Edition)

The below errata was added into the latest PDF and POD versions available from RPGNow.

This page will be updated as needed.UPDATED: 061221

Text Changes

Page 14 – Larger and stronger than their human fathers, their stern features and grayish skin tend to intimidate those around them.

Page 50 – Languages – not labguages…

Equipment Changes

Page 52 – G7X Repeater: Piercing, 4d8, 19-20×4, 40′, 110 lbs., 34 DC

Though prone to backfire occasionally (10% chance 1d6 dmg to user and no dmg to target) the G7X Repeater is the most advanced Goblin weapon of all, capable of firing through multiple targets and laying down a path of destruction in its wake. This ranged weapon comes with a tri-fold stand that must be used to secure the weapon for firing. Usually setup on the field before battle, it takes two uninterrupted standard actions to setup while in combat.