Since this page is not linked from any other pages on this site you’re most likely here because you saw a link in one of those newfangled online interweb games that I play. I don’t update this page very often, so it’s easier to find me on streaming Monster Hunter World or spending most my time in Warframe on the search for more relics and endo. I do hop into ESO for a month whenever a new expansion releases.

In real life I am in the guild Robot Kitten Happy Train, a guild that exists in WoW (Moistmuffin) on Tichondrius, SWTOR (Gashslapper) on Bastion and in GW2 (Gashslapper).

I’m a lifer to STO, Neverwinter, TSW (now SWL) so I occasionally log in to spend my free allowance and am Moist@Greymond or Muffin@Greymond, Kuntastic and Givril. I used to write about MMOs on MMOSite.

Also, for those interested in when MMO’s have scheduled maintenance I built mostly for my own needs, but I’m sure some out there will appreciate it.

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