Since this page is not linked from any other pages on this site you’re most likely here because you saw a link in one of those newfangled online interweb games that I play. I don’t update this page very often, so it’s easier to find me on Raptr.

In real life I am in the guild Robot Kitten Happy Train, a guild that exists in WoW (Moistmuffin) on Tichondrius, SWTOR (Gashslapper) on Bastion and in GW2 (Gashslapper).

I’m a lifer to STO, Neverwinter, TSW (now SWL) so I occasionally log in to spend my free allowance and am Moist@Greymond or Muffin@Greymond, Kuntastic and Givril. I used to write about MMOs on MMOSite.

Raptr Gamercard

Also, for those interested in when MMO’s have scheduled maintenance I built mostly for my own needs, but I’m sure some out there will appreciate it.

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