Below is a list of commentary, news, new releases and various other postings from this site and others. The purpose of this feed is to share what is going on in the table top game industry among games involving steampunk, fantasy, gaslight or unique settings.

  • Another Alice Tidbit
    Much like before, this is unedited first draft material I wrote while at the bar on my blackberry and haven’t had a chance to expand on yet. Alice woke up to ...
  • Morbidgames Emporium Update
    A brief note, that the MORBIDGAMES Emporium is now on the Zen Cart Live Shops listings In Alice news, the post I wanted to get to today isn’t going to ...
  • Ave Molech Added To E-Library
    I’ve added Ave Molech as well as am in the process of adding Lore: Sharess & Talon to
  • Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos – Update
    Jared Cunningham, one of the initial contributors and play testers of Ave Molech submitted a 27 page rough draft story for AML:Forgotten Mythos. In addition, he has also submitted a ...
  • Directory Listing Update
    I finally took advantage of the GoDaddy Connections site and listed MORBIDGAMES on there:
  • Links to In Depth Ave Molech
    While we have these links in various places throughout the site I figured I’d add them in a post here, as well as at some point today I’ll add them ...
  • Dungeon Delve: Return of the Poisoned Shadows
    Launching a new recurring feature in Dungeon is a sequel to the “Poisoned Shadows” delve from Dungeon Delve. Mysterious assassinations seemed geared toward forcing the heroes to search the sewers.
  • MORBIDGAMES seeks talented writers for new book
    MORBIDGAMES is looking for writers of all backgrounds to contribute to Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos, the second book in the Lore Series due out this summer. Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten ...
  • Update on my Absence
    So I just wanted to give a brief update on why I have been nonexistent the last couple weeks. For those that are unaware my day job is something of ...
  • Dungeon Adventure: Worse Than Death
    When a powerful aristocrat is kidnapped from his caravan, the adventurers must find him and bring him back. But investigation uncovers surprising information about the kidnappers — and the victim.